Credit Score Calculator: Get Your Estimated Credit Score Range

Credit Score Estimator

Estimate your credit score in about 30 seconds. Just answer a few simple questions about your past credit usage:
1 Have you ever had a credit card or loan?
2 How long ago did you open your first credit card or loan?
3 Have you ever made a late loan or credit card payment?
4 How many new loans or credit cards have you opened or applied for in the past 6 months?
5 In the last five years, have you:
  • Gone through foreclosure or repossession?
  • Had debt go to collection?
  • Made a loan or credit card payment 90 days (or more) late?
6 In the last ten years, have you declared bankruptcy?
7 What is the total credit limit for all your credit cards?
8 What is your total amount of credit card debt?

How Our Credit Score Calculator Works

Using our knowledge of the credit scoring process, we created this tool to provide a sound estimate of your credit score based on your answers to eight brief questions. Our calculator takes your answers to those questions, runs some numbers, and then estimates your likely credit score range: Excellent (750–850), Good (680–749), Fair (600–679), Poor (below 600), or Limited (no estimated score range).

Some of the biggest factors in your credit score are:

  • How long you’ve had credit accounts open
  • Your payment history on those accounts
  • The balances on those accounts
  • Negative events, like collections or bankruptcy
  • Recent credit applications

How Accurate Is Our Credit Score Calculator?

Keep in mind that our Credit Score Calculator provides an estimate of your credit score. Your exact credit score changes frequently, and if you want to closely follow your precise score, you should use a credit monitoring/tracking service.

That said, our credit score calculator can provide a quick credit score estimate if you don’t want to create an account at a monitoring site right now.

Who Should Use Our Credit Score Calculator?

There are several reasons why you’ll want to understand your creditworthiness before you apply for a loan or credit card:

  1. If your credit isn’t strong enough to qualify for the product you choose, your application will be declined. This isn’t only disappointing, but it may further reduce your credit score temporarily.
  2. If your credit score is better than you think, you may be able to save money by applying for a product with better terms designed for applications with good credit.
  3. Knowing your credit level helps you compare the products for which you’re more likely to qualify.

So give our Credit Score Calculator a try. And if you’re looking for a new credit card, check out our recommended credit cards for your estimated score range:

Important! Issuing banks use many factors in making the decision to extend credit. Nothing here indicates a guarantee of credit approval with our bank partners.